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About Us

Brontobyte Analytics has been set up to carry out intensive research in the areas of machine learning, deep learning, artificial neural networks for furthering its artificial intelligence capabilities. The company’s main research focus is to help advance language, speech translation, visual processing, ranking and prediction capabilities and also build Deep Learning models to leverage the benefits of image recognition or computer vision, from facial and emotion recognition to medical screening and to detection of large obstacles.

At Brontobyte Analytics, we're dedicated towards our mission of building state of the art and innovative AI powered products and technologies, cutting edge statistical and computational models and big data Ecosystems. We are also into development of models for natural language processing (NLP) and image/video classification in the fields of Medical Screening, Security Surveillance and Defence. We are ready to have our footprint into Telemedicine market with our extensive telemedicine product Brontoplus.

Why Choose Us ?

Brontobyte is committed to helping its clients reach their goals, to personalizing their experiences, to providing an innovative atmosphere, and to making a difference.


What sets us apart from the competition is that we're passionate about the products & services we provide and the quality of our support.


Brontobyte Analytics uses unique, creative and innovative ideas to meet our client's. The experts at Brontobyte are dedicated to deliver amazing results to our customers through their professional knowledge.

Quality Approach

Our mission is to provide quality guidance, build relationships of trust, and develop innovative solutions for our clients. We are perfectly positioned to meet your unique needs.


Brontobyte Analytics is a service oriented group of experienced and knowledgeable specialists with a passion for providing solutions that exceed your expectations.


We have highly experienced professionals, the size and experience of our practice enables us to perform the complex and sophisticated work our clients require.

Global Reach

We are experts in providing customers with global research solutions that often involve different experience.

Our Clients

GSL General Hospital is a Tertiary Health Care MultiSpeciality and SuperSpeciality Hospital in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh

Complete Diagnostic Center having State of the Art Central Clinical Reference Lab at Hyderabad

Board Members & Advisors

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Mr. Venkat Kaza

Chief Executive Officer

  • Mr. Venkat Kaza has around 20 years of expertise in implementing multi million dollar software solutions with clients like CISCO, ILO, NISSAN Motors, Agilent Technologies, HBC, Pfizer, MRF, MMC(March and MacLennan,) ITC-ILTD,NADEC etc across the US, Europe, Middle East ,Japan and India
  • He has hands on experience in designing, building, delivering and operationalizing production-grade Artificial Intelligence technology systems using modern data technologies such as Tensorflow
  • He has expert-level knowledge in learning algorithms such as reinforcement learning, inverse reinforcement learning, deep reinforcement learning and probabilistic inference for decision support systems
  • He has knowledge and hands-on expertise in deep neural network topologies such as convolutional nets, recurrent nets, GANs, RBMs, causal reasoning, probabilistic programming
  • He has expertise in building and implementing architecture roadmaps for next generation Artificial Intelligence solutions around analytics and automation that can be deployed across customers in different industries and executing proof of concepts to assess the value of Artificial Intelligence use cases
  • He also comes onboard with rich experience in managing and mentoring teams of data scientists and modelers with rich expertise in researching and developing different types of algorithms and modeling processes.
  • He also has experience in participating in vendor landscape and technology assessments of various open source tools e.g. TensorFlow etc.