agriculture inforamation


As we know, Agriculture is the backbone of any country's economy and moreover, each and every individual is depended on it directly or indirectly as it is responsible for the survival of human beings. But due to change in the climate and the growth of population, the demand for food has driven the industry for a more innovative approach to boosting the production in both quality and quantity.

Nowadays Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an important part of the industry so we can use AI to build platforms that will help the farmers to cultivate their crops in a better way to get more profits as all the agricultural activities on the farm takes a lot of effort for example planting, harvesting etc.

Using AI we can design multiple models based on Agricultural applications such as Robots,agricultural equipments,e-agriculture, Monitoring of soil and crops, Data Analytics and Predictive analytics on the weather and climate changes, etc which will help them in farming also produce more output with less input.

As farmers in India are dependent on timely rainfall for harvest and subsequent profits, so Predictive analysis of weather change will help them in a great manner.

If we have sufficent amount of data,then we can have a Agricultural Marketing system by which we can predict the market value and the transport charges,If we are sucessful in implementing these ideas then the Agricultural marketing in India will change soon.There are many Agricultural implements which could be achived by using Artificial Intelligence as a medium.If the AI models are sucessful in giving accurate results and be productive then we can hope for a agriculture development in India.