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best institute for apache spark and scala programming course in hyderabad

Apache Spark and Scala Programming

About Apache Spark and Scala Programming:

The course provides you techniques to increase application performance and enable high-speed processing using Spark RDDs as well as help in customization of Spark using Scala.

In this practical course, you will start from the very beginning, with basic arithmetic and variables, and learn how to handle data structures, such as Python lists, Numpy arrays, and Pandas DataFrames. Along the way, you’ll learn about Python functions and control flow. Plus, you’ll look at the world of data visualizations with Python and create your own stunning visualizations based on real data.

What you'll learn ?

  • Understand the difference between Apache Spark and Hadoop
  • Learn Scala and its programming implementation
  • Implement Spark on a cluster
  • Write Spark Applications using Python, Java and Scala
  • Understand RDD and its operation along with implementation of Spark Algorithms
  • Define and explain Spark Streaming
  • Learn about the Scala classes concept and execute pattern matching
  • Learn Scala Java Interoperability and other Scala operations

Pre-requites :

There are no prerequisites for taking up this course. Basic knowledge of database, SQL and query language can help.

Learning Objectives

  • Apache Spark is an open source computing framework up to 100 times faster than Mapreduce
  • Spark is alternative form of data processing unique in batch processing and streaming
  • This is a comprehensive course for advanced implementation of Scala
  • Prepare yourself for clouderaHadoop Developer and Spark Professional Certification
Course Curriculum