automotive technologies pdf


Transportation in this 21st century has become a necessity for major population of this global and the Automotive industry is also playing a major role boosting the country's economy. To make more affordable and safer to travel many Automotive industries are coming up with smart features with the support of Artificial intelligence(AI)

Artificial Intelligence in automotive industry is attracting the customers and also increasing the customer's acceptance because of its unique and smart features like Auto pilot , Driving features, Cloud services, Automotive Insurance, Car manufacturing, Driver Monitoring and Predictive maintenance in the automotive industry

In each and every case,the role of AI is very significance. AI can be used for claiming insurance as well predicting the cost for the damage using Vehicle data analytics. AI can also used to alert the driver ,if the driver is in drowsy or sleepy conditions. Auto pilot feature which is currently in demand can be possible by machine learning automotive with predictive analytics where the models can be trained to predict the hurdles while driving