consumer services and industrial services

Consumer Services

In this era of Internet of Things(IOT) everyone is linked directly or indirectly to the Digital world,the competition in this field is getting tougher day by day as many e-market and e-commerce sites are popping up very rapidly. It becomes important to the companies to provide safety, security and best user friendly experience to each and everyone for making consumer to bussiness.

Automation of Industries have already started by now and is in full pace,giving users a good experience to complete their daily tasks.Now every thing has been automated in a way that everyone can easily book a movie ticket,a table in a Restaurant,order food online,online shopping etc.In such cases the Artificial Intelligence can also add more efficency and give user a good experience to the consumers marketing in the Digital world.

Brontobyte Analytics is working on the models which will focus on consumer data analytics which will find the pattern or map the type of purchases made, advanced consumer analytics which will analyse the marketing trends,characteristics of Indian Consumer,Indian consumer behaviour, and as well as consumer insights analytics and advanced customer analytics which will mainly focus on the feedback of the consumers and consumer buying behaviour.