defense and security of india

Defence and Security

Any country which is rapidly developing is also facing lot of external and internal aggression which could make the country ampute.So for not falling into that trap the countries are developing their arsenal and security measures which are having high-end technology advancement to defend them selves.

More advanced technology with artificial intelligence can be a solution for modern warfare where the casualties and human loss will be less and can be crontrolled

As we are currently operating India which is having two Nuclear states as neighbours,India must be prepared for any consequences and must have a perfect defence management system.By using AI we can be able to bring some advanced changes in the Indian defence system and also use face recognition technology and biometric recognition,video and image analytics for security and many more

Below are the some of the places where AI can be used
  • Warframe Platforms which depend less on human input
  • Cyber Security service
  • Logistic and Transportation
  • Target Recognition
  • Biometric Techniques
  • Facial Recognition
  • Battlefield Healthcare
  • Tracking surveillence system
  • Combat Simulation and Training
  • Threat Monitoring and Situational Awareness
  • AI and Data Information Processing
  • Data Analytics