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Energies and Resources

Over the past few years Energy Industry has gone many changes and develpments.As the Industrial processes starting modernizing and the availability of multiple sources is driving the effecient use of energy resources.

Energy sector is one of the most demanding sector where day by day the pressure is increasing making it difficult to handle and bare the expense.

As Artificial Intelligence is working on many Technologies such as Health care,Automation of Industries and many other.Now we are trying to Integrate AI to make the energy consumption more efficient.There are already many AI models working in this field but more learning and development is required.

AI can play a major role in Analysing and compressing the large sets of data which helps the service providers to monitor and understand the data produced.

In this sector there is very fine chance of Artificial Intelligence in places like

  • Compress and Analyse Data
  • Storing the data in structured format
  • Automation of Grids
  • Failure Management
  • Reducing the losses
  • Maintaining the balance between demand and supply
  • Control the Energy Consumption
  • Gas and Oil Exploration
  • Google Sunroof Technology

Brontobyte Analytics is working on making the AI models adaptable and capable for every task in the energy sector