best gamimg industry in India


Entertainment is serious business. The industry provides a unique aim section, ranging from pre-teens to adults.

Gaming is all about the knowledge. Every game has to deliver an attractive experience to its aim user community. With the advent of mobiles, the gaming industry is undergoing an uprising of sorts, as the reach now expands to even younger age groups. It has also witnessed changes from an economic perspective with the beginning of premium models and many developers moving away from the traditional retail medium.

All these unique challenges make it serious that the interactive entertainment product is released after thorough testing that gives high level of superiority assurance across a wide range of gaming platforms such as mobiles, consoles, PCs and the Internet while ensuring that the product is suitable for the intended user community.

Once the game is launched, it is very important to remain engaged with customers and determine their queries and problems empathically and efficiently across all the channels such as voice, email, social media, community, and chat support.

Brontobyte understands user experience like no one else. With experience in the Gaming and Customer Service industry, we offer a fully combined product support to the Entertainment industry.