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introduction to r programming language course for data science in hyderabad

Introduction to R for Data Science

About R language:

R is rapidly becoming the leading language in data science and statistics. Today, R is the tool of choice for data science professionals in every industry and field. Whether you are full-time number cruncher, or just the occasional data analyst, R will suit your needs.

This introduction to R programming course will help you master the basics of R. In seven sections, you will cover its basic syntax, making you ready to undertake your own first data analysis using R. Starting from variables and basic operations, you will eventually learn how to handle data structures such as vectors, matrices, data frames and lists. In the final section, you will dive deeper into the graphical capabilities of R, and create your own stunning data visualizations. No prior knowledge in programming or data science is required.

What you'll learn ?

  • Introductory R language fundamentals and basic syntax
  • What R is and how it’s used to perform data analysis
  • Become familiar with the major R data structures
  • Create your own visualizations using R
  • Learn to create Pie charts, plots and vectors
  • Assign value to variables, generate repeat and factor levels
  • Performing sorting, analyze variance and the cluster

Course Overview

This course will introduce you to the field of data science and will prepare you for the next three courses : Statistics, Machine Learning, and Spark

Learning Objectives

  • An applied understanding of how to manipulate and analyze unstructured datasets
  • Basic statistical analysis and machine learning methods
  • How to effectively visualize results
Course Curriculum