social media marketing definition

Social Media Marketing

Now-a-days the world is moving from analog to digital in every field and sector, So is the Marketing strategy of the organisations. Everyone is looking up for the digital way of promote and market themselves in this competitive world. Now the situation is that, it is nearly difficult to survive without Digital Marketing irrespective of the size of the organisation.

Artificial Intelligence helps us to target a particular customers who are interested in certain products can also be recommend them similar products.

Many social media marketing companies are compiteting to provide a good experience to the users in much atuomated way possible .This is only possible by integrating and implementing the social media strategy in every sector possible and also can promote the Digital Marketing services which has the capacity to replace the old method of marketing.

We can design models which will be doing the heavy lifting of identifying and mapping the data.The major tasks AI can do is

  • Email Testing and Optimization
  • Web contest testing and optimization
  • Social media optimization services
  • Mobile testing and optimization
  • Pattern recognition
  • Image Recognition
  • Face Tagging
  • Online or Digital Marketing

There are various other fields in this sector where Artificial Intelligence can do miracles based on the continuous update of data by using data analytics