We Brontobyte Analytics with the ML & DL models provide a modern optimized platform “DeepHealthCareVision” a healthcare analytics software an End-to-End Healthcare Analytics Platform.


Data Ingestion & Management

Ingestion, management on various type of medical data from various Clients.


Processing & Analysing

Processing and analysing various type of visual data using computer vision and other artificial intelligence algorithms.


AI Support

Statistical,mathematical, machine learning and the recent advancements in deep learning techniques (All types of AI techniques are supported).





Annotation and Validation

Annotation of all unlabelled data and verification/validation of predictions of various models by Radiologist, Pathologist & Oncologist.


Continuous Learning

Retraining of AI models with incremental validations/corrections and improvising their performance.


Insightful Consolidated Report Analysis

Analysing unseen medical images by invocation of one or many AI models on them and providing an consolidated and interactive report to the medical consultant.